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Custom Portable Gaming PC

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This is a small form factor rig that I put together. I found a broken laptop that had been left in a hot car that warped the whole frame, killed the screen and battery, and screwed up the keyboard, and got the inspiration to turn it into a sleek LAN pc. The finished product was under $200, and turned out really clean.


i7-7700HQ, GTX 1050 2gb, 8gb RAM, 128gb SSD, 1tb HDD

Here's what I replaced:

- New 17.3" HD display (larger than original, but cheaper than the actual one and still had the right ribbon cable to hook up to the motherboard)

- New battery (super cheap)

- New SSD

Build Materials

- Custom wooden enclosure

- two buttons for power and fan overdrive

- Aluminum vent material

- upholstery fabric and padding

- strip of leather for handle

- Screws, upholstery studs, staples, hot glue

Compact Mechanical Keyboard and mouse I already had. Still need to make the lid, and want to cnc an aluminum side panel maybe. But the jury's still out on how I want to do that, and it's usable as it is now.

20210422 122637
20210422 122840
20210207 185101 HDR 2
20210422 122731
20210422 122748
 Screenshot 2022 01 06 181238
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Posted : 09/04/2022 8:59 pm
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Wow, that's seriously impressive! I'm not really a person that makes things but the design looks brilliant. It must be really satisfying to make a whole new device out of something that was broken.

Are you upholstering the lid as well?


Posted : 12/04/2022 11:56 pm
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It looks amazing.
I remember my first build from 2007. It was more like a joke πŸ˜€

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Posted : 14/04/2022 6:52 am
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@jemaslt This actually impresses me, I would love it if you could share how you designed this. Plastic is amazing in the unique way you can weld it to create almost any shape you can imagine. I've been toying with the idea of using a Rigid 22" toolbox (The deeper, chest version without the wheels.. Although the wheeled version could be interesting also.) to make a pc case with one of those aluminum test benches mounted inside with a monitor panel mounted to the lid. With plastic welding, you can use so much more space more efficently if you have the juevos to just use outside-the-box thinking...

I was also toying with the idea of adding enclosed speakers into the build, but due to the exterior aesthetics of the case, I can't come up with an easy solution.

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Posted : 11/06/2022 10:54 pm
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Thats super cool! The enclosure looks really sleekΒ 

Posted : 22/02/2023 8:34 pm
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Wow, that's truly remarkable! I typically don't engage in craftsmanship, but the design appears to be outstanding. I imagine it's quite fulfilling to transform a previously damaged item into an entirely new device.

Will you be covering the lid with upholstery as well?

Posted : 22/09/2023 11:14 am
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@jemaslt Mine had a piece of Veroboard with a couple of 555 timers hanging out of the back converting the 80 track BBC micro disk drive into a 40 track one. Those were the days.

And this is truly Matthew level design! Well done dear boy, bravo!

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 23/09/2023 5:28 pm