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Motorola phone to build a Chromebook

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I am wanting to use several of Matt's ideas to create my own Chromebook. I want to use a cell phone as the foundation because I want to be able to make and take calls from my new laptop. I have the 5G RAZR and I'm disappointed in it so I thought it would make a good foundation but I keep running into what appear to be Motorola specific roadblocks.

Starting with Motorola phones don't cast to televisions like every other cell phone does. And now I find out Motorola does not support USB c to HDMI which was my planned method for connecting the phone to my LCD.

Am I missing something with this project? Is there something simple that I should be doing to make this work, or is Motorola really a garbage phone manufacturer? My razor has 500 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of RAM and I can't feel like me figure out how to make this work without breaking the phone deleting all the OEM software and putting in a generic Android template. Before I go through that much trouble I will buy a phone that works.

If I can get this to go it's going to be the prettiest computer ever. I found a company that makes bronze foil, just like tin foil but bronze, and a neighbor had some leftover mahogany in his basement that is 70 years old and has the nicest patina. When I moved my TV banged into the corner of my file cabinet and the screen is useless as a TV however would work just fine as a slide-out second monitor since I can use that portion of the screen as support. I have everything I need except for the phone and my gut tells me this has to work. Motorola can't be this bad? Any and all suggestions I appreciated

Posted : 19/06/2022 12:50 pm