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Decapitating my HP ...
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Decapitating my HP laptop

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Hi! Currently im working on taking off the lid (with the screen) of my HP pavilion g6 laptop, Im writing this so anyone here can comment if im doing something wrong, this is my first time doing this so any comments are appreciated.

The reason i started doing this is because the hinges were stuck and the person we sended it to fix it made the mistake of closing the laptop wrong so the screen cable got stuck under or over the hinge next to it. Because of that the laptop wouldn't open when i pressed the power button, is that possible, that the screen cable being damaged stopped the computer from starting? This also makes me wonder if the computer will start when i plug in an external monitor now that I've removed the internal one.Or maybe it was because the hinges liftep up the keyboard part of the laptop and i couldn't  press the power button right, although i thought i did.

I'll take out the wireless wifi antennas and let them hang out of the laptop and stick them where ill put the laptop, though i wonder if it matters where i stick them or on what? Because they stuck onto a metal looking sheet with metallic tape, and im planning to stick them to my table.

I think my laptop is ready to be closed up but im also worried something will go wrong like short circuiting the motherboard because i unplugged the screen cable and the microphone and camera with it. Although that seems unlikely from what i read on the internet.

Im guessing this cannot damage the hard drive since, im just gonna plug that back in where its supposed to be.

Posted : 20/04/2022 2:38 pm
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