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Immersion cooling system for Bitcoin mining!

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I've gone through three iterations builds and finally DIYed my own immersion cooling system. 


Bitcoin mining is very power-intensive. The latest Bitcoin mining machine , ASIC, pulls 3,000W of energy. Therefore, it comes equipped with 4 fans that are insanely noisy(+80dbs), not to mention the ventilation it requires to introduce fresh air in and get hot air out. So, the challenges of running a bitcoin mining ASIC at home are mainly noise and heat.  

A known setup that has been done by many is immersion cooling. Here's my mine:


The black tank has two chambers , cold and hot, and a basement layer with holes in it. The cool liquid comes out of the radiator to the bottom of the tank and gets distributed through the hole and into the cold chamber(bigger one). The hot liquid then overflows to the smaller chamber, hence named hot chamber. From the hot chamber, a pump sicks the liquid back to the radiator down to the cold chamber again and the cycles repeat itself.


It's been running smoothly for over a month now with the sound of the ventilation fan only (similar to the noise of an AC) and I'm making $10 a day with it. It's like a money-printing machine at home


I'd love for Mat to tip his toses into the wonderful world of ASIC immersion cooling. 


Posted : 06/07/2022 8:26 am