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Coverting all in one pc with laptop.

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This is Nikhil from India.

I need your help in building my DIY project that i am working on.

Basically my dad was using a HP all in one PC, model HP 200-5310in-in which is like 10 years old. Its motherboard is fried and the case is pretty much damaged. I own a 5years old laptop model HP 15-AY513TX which is working perfectly but the hinges and casing is damaged.

My dad wanted to sell out the old pc in exchange for new for 1000Rs which near about 15$. But i insisted to keep the old pc as i can salvage the hard drive which is 1TB and convert it into a bulky external Hard Drive. Also i can salvage the LCD screen i guess.

Then a thought cross my mind, why not swap my laptop parts to all in one pc. Switch the motherboard and everything except the screen. I mean keeping the 21.5inch of all in one as my main screen and laptop screen as my secondary screen.  But i got stuck at a point because both screen connectors are different. 

Attaching some photos for reference.

Can you suggest me what to do?


IMG 20220815 WA0011
IMG 20220815 WA0012
IMG 20220815 WA0007
IMG 20220815 WA0010
IMG 20220815 WA0009
IMG 20220815 WA0008
IMG 20220815 WA0003
IMG 20220815 WA0006
IMG 20220815 WA0004
IMG 20220815 WA0005
IMG 20220815 WA0000
IMG 20220815 WA0001
IMG 20220815 WA0002


Posted : 15/08/2022 9:22 am
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