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DIY Voicemeeter control panel enclosure inspiration please?

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Not exactly sure where this post would go, so i put it in misc.

I want to build a diy controller for voicemeeter, but i need some inspiration for housing the project. I plan to use some rotary encoders with large knobs on them to adjust volume, and some buttons of some sort (was even thinking about using mechanical keyboard switches) as state switches. An Arduino would be used to connect them all and assign them as midi inputs.

Ive designed something rough in adobe XD that basically shows what i want (atttached below). But im not sure what enclosure/box to use. I want something that is relatively easy to make/work with, as its my first time doing a project. However i want it to look and feel premium, and not cheap diy. 

I was thinking about some sort of metal, but i dont know what to use and how to cut the spaces for the buttons/encoders. My other options are wood or plastic (3d printed sometimes can look cheap tho)


Any suggestions from anyone would be great!

gPanel Mockup


Posted : 22/09/2022 11:16 pm