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Hello to all LED technology fans,

We are the official account of Yujileds & Yuji Lighting support team.

With years of cooperation with Matthew, we are deeply impressed by his inspiration and creativity and we appreciate his effort and contribution to the popularization of LED technologies. Matthew's innovative ideas are highly consistent with Yuji's technical positioning, hence, with Matthew's permission, we are voluntary and glad to station at the "Lighting and LEDs" BBS-section to provide our help with know-how by answer technical questions informatively within the scope of our capability. 

Furthermore, we will publish articles here and share interesting news for make us follow what is going on in the LED industry. Together with you, we want to spread more of our advanced technology and excellent product. We believe the lighting industry will always change and step to even better periods quickly with strong demands of wellbeing, health, energy-saving and standard, and we take this also as our mission to illuminate the future for the lighting world.


Greetings from Beijing,

Yujileds & Yuji Lighting support team



About Yujileds


Our story - Start from the superior stable red LED phosphor.

We started to make LED phosphor materials in 2006. White LEDs were still in very early stage, the industry focused on improving device brightness and efficiency via yellow phosphor very much. No one cared about the light quality. Based on this situation, we took a different approach and focused on red phosphor technology, which is the most important phosphor recipe for high CRI and/or low CCT LEDs, and it made Yuji become a JV partner with Mitsubishi Chemical from 2012.

Today, we are well known for our comprehensive research and full line-up production of LED phosphor from ultra-violet to near-infrared, and we are proud to commit to providing superior stable and efficient phosphors to the worldwide markets.

Our technology - Focus on LED spectrum innovation.

The industrial structure of both phosphor and LED gives us a unique view to develop our spectrum recipes. Compared to the general LED manufacturers, we have comprehensive information in evaluating the feasibility for both technical and commercial aspects. LED spectrum technology is not only about the quality of white LEDs, but also for different applications which have specialized requirements in lighting.

Yuji is one of the few companies that provide the service of designing or customizing a specific spectrum for clients, our confidence comes from the years of accumulation in focusing on the spectrum technologies and the control of LED phosphor and LED die supply-chain with thousands of successful cases in the past years. Innovating LED technologies and giving them commercial values are our eternal driving forces.

Our product - Yujileds®, stands for high-performance LED.

The trademark of Yujileds® is the identification of the LED products developed and manufactured by Yuji. We put our understanding of the LED technologies and the standard of our quality control into every LED we make. Regardless of any product series, we pay attention to expressing the high-performance feature and achieving the product value for clients and never compromise in pursuing the true performance.

Furthermore, we also care about every detail of any documentation we prepare for the product because we understand the importance to transmit accurate information to clients. It is even more critical for clients to obtain the truth to decide the solution, rather than just a nominal high-performance.

Our client - Outstanding game players in different fields.

Clients are our proudest achievements, now over 200 of our clients are the best game players in their fields in more than 33 countries. We regard the clients’ successes as our biggest accomplishments and appreciate their contribution in different fields, clients use our LEDs not just for simple lighting, but to design the lighting for plants, cameras, sensors, health, circadian rhythm, aminals, and other industries that we have never imagined that our technologies can be utilized, that makes our work so meaningful.

Our service - Professional supporting team.

There is a group of people in Yuji passionate about creating maximum value for our clients. We have accumulated experience in different projects. Currently, the company gathers more than 30 experts from various fields of semiconductor, chemistry, optics, photoelectricity, circuitry, materials and color science.

Our sales team is well trained in deep LED technologies and has skilled global communication experience. Not just for sales, our team is more like a specialized consultancy to help every client succeed in different projects, and we do not only provide professional business service, but also support in the supply chain, logistics, marketing and technical discussions.


Contact us - We look forward to providing our efficient service for you.

LED website:

Find Yujileds® high-performance LEDs, read our insights into a variety of advanced technologies and applications.



LED lighting website:

Find our state-of-art LED lamps and luminaires designed for improving the lighting experience with the vision of illuminating the future.



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Shop your favorite Yuji Lighting product with rapid and professional service.


Posted : 31/08/2022 5:51 am
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Hi! I’m looking to do the artificial window with a TV project found on the DIY Perks channel, but I want to put my own spin on it. I’m looking to find an Addressable High CRI RGBW LED strip so that I can achieve the therapy light effect, but also overlay the colors of a sunset/rise during certain times of the day. Basically I want to line the inside of the tv with the RGBW strip and be able to not only output the original High CRI cool white (6000k+) light, but also be able to have a rainbow going on along the length of the strip (either simultaneously or separately). My problem is, I don’t think this led strip exists! I’ve been looking for a week all over the internet and I can’t find one. Does anyone know any websites where I could possibly source this, or explain why this is an impossible ask to source?

Posted : 28/01/2023 6:58 am
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Hi @chvtrbox,

Your idea sounds interesting and not impossible to make. In fact, technically it can be done. The only “problem” is that real addressable High CRI RGBW are rare exactly because, generally, manufacturers never begin the production of such product (except if on commission) because they wouldn’t really find any possible applicable application. The concept and the applications behind/for the addressable RGBW led strips differ from the concept and the applications behind/for the High CRI. This because one is for a purely visual effect and the other for especially important color-critical applications and environments where visual appeal, presentation, and color accuracy is vital to business.


Greetings from Beijing,

Yujileds & Yuji Lighting support team

Posted : 07/02/2023 3:04 am
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I don't have a super special DIY project, but rather I'm looking for a replacement (and upgrade) of an LED panel that I currently own.

The panel comes from a "Nanguang Nanlite CN-T96" and lives in a lightbox called a "Skier Sunray Copy Box" — it's just a small rectangular 96-LED panel fed with about 20W, giving off already plenty for my use, inside a bamboo box, with a white diffuser on top.

I don't have the tools or the experience to assemble, LED by LED, a panel myself.

In my use case scenario (lighting film 🎞️ to scan it with a digital camera), I'm after high CRI (95+, with a high R9 value), high colour temperature (5000K+), and relatively daylight-like spectrum. In the distant future, I could be looking for controllable temperature.


How should I go about that ?

I'm tempted to get an existing 100W panel I'd drive gently at about 20W, to achieve the desired output and minimise heat.

What are some good sources for simple heatsinks similar to the ones Matt himself uses in his latest high-contrast screen project?

Thanks for your input.

Posted : 27/03/2023 7:40 pm
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Reacting to my own post.

Maybe members of this forum could give me pointers as I imagine I have several options. I don't necessarily want to go "all the way" DIY.

Are there places online where I could design or, at least, customise existing LED panel models? 

Posted : 15/06/2023 9:09 pm
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@nonophuran Given the nature of the request I'd suggest that there won't be since manufacturers of panels are few and far between. Many are transitioning to OLED too which doesn't lend itself to this.

You can, naturally, get many old LED TVs and gut the panel but that is usually instructive enough to show that it's more than a little tricky to separate the LCD parts from the lighting strips. So much for longevity and self-repair.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 17/06/2023 2:05 pm
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since my previous post, I've (re)discovered the existence of Circuit Design and PCB assembly as a Service on, for instance, easyeda.

Well, that raises my hopes. I can now (re)discover the joy of sifting through datasheets.

So, now that I'm even considering having my circuit board assembled and soldered directly, remotely, I'm starting to wonder: how am I going to navigate — efficiently, that is — all the various LED manufacturers, keeping my fingers crossed that they're part of some catalog that easyeda can browse?

There are numerous LED options out there but honestly, I haven't found — yet — an easy way to filter for the specs I want (CRI / TLCI and some spectral characteristics).

End of rant.

Posted : 08/07/2023 6:45 pm