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LED Mounting hardware

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I am interested in building a super bright LED panel, and I am investigating the possibility of using these "LED modules" like this panel module or this linear module (though I am interested in using the 98CRI versions).  The LED module has the advantage of snap-together connections, it already has an aluminium backing, and it will reduce soldering errors.  

My question is what these modules are supposed to be mounted to. Is there some kind of standard mounting solution where these plug in? What should I search for in terms of power supply and dimmer hardware. 

Finally, if I would like the dimmer to be controllable by a phone app (to get a "sunrise" effect in the morning) how should I go about doing this?

In this post, they seem to be using linear modules, which seem to be connected with some kind of standard wiring plugs, and they seem to be simply screwed into a backing plate.  If this is the intended way to use these linear modules, please let me know. 


Thanks for your help!


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Posted : 15/10/2022 2:55 pm
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Also, if there is reason to believe that the flexible reel 98CRI are a better choice than these linear modules, please let me know. 

Posted : 15/10/2022 3:39 pm
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