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Invisible tv home theater

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Hi matt i am having a blast watching all of your videos but i want to build a home theater myself.

I will also be using the KABD-4100 and the same type of speakers as you used in yours.

I just cant figure out what powersupply you have used and how you powered you 200watt rms subfoofers with an 100watt/channel board.

So here are my questions.

What powersupply did you use for 3 KABD-4100?

How do you use 100watt channel for 200 watt subwoofers? Do you underpower them or combine 2 channels for 1 speaker and how do you wire that up?

Greatings from belgium and thank you for all the videos.


Posted : 11/02/2023 11:08 am
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Divine isn't it? I want one myself!

Under-driving large speakers (well any speaker actually) is good practice @hannes.

I think Matt said in the video that he drove each sub from its own amp, but I might have heard that wrong and I haven't seen the schematic.

Driving them from a single channel is difficult because you either wire them in series and lose a lot of power (perhaps 6 dB) or in parallel and drop the impedance to around half of what you started with (2 R at DC if the speakers are rated at 4R which power drivers often are).

But by doing that you risk putting too much load on the amplifier and while most a protected against overload, you'll still going to risk clipping the signal.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 16/02/2023 2:59 pm
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I also started this nice diy invisible home theater project from diyperks great youtube channel but I miss some details about the surround setup.

A principle diagram of how to connect the three KABD-4100 4 channel amplifier modules would be nice.
Matt talks about full digital active crossover for the midranges, tweeter drivers.

The subwoofers are mixed with the center speaker for better low range in the center voices.
I suppose that he uses the Sure Electronics AA-AB41161 module possibly to deduplicate signals from centers for mixing them with the subwoofers.

With three KABD-4100, we have up to max 12 speaker outputs. The surround rear speakers with midrange + tweeter do come with passive crossover.
Without the surround rear speaker channels we then still have 9 speakers to drive.

Can anyone Hannes, Marcdraco or Matt himself help us with the principle diagram for signal inputs and speakers output for each KABD amplifier module?


Christof (from Belgium)

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Posted : 04/03/2023 9:55 am