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Portable Monitor from old laptop

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I really like the show and decided to build a portable monitor from an old laptop that I had.  The show

was very clear as to how to build it and it went very well.  The part that I changed is to use the entire laptop screen assembly less stuff like the camera and other components no longer needed.  I found it efficient to attach the hinges to a nice piece of trim left over from a home project.  Other parts of the old laptop were fashioned into hinge covers and a panel for the LCD control panel.  Works great except that the old LCD resolution isn’t as sharp as my Mac’s screen.

IMG 9456
IMG 9457
IMG 9455

Take a look. 


Posted : 26/05/2023 7:28 pm
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SWEET! I love those builds, it's a shame it can be a bit hit and miss with the panel drivers. I'm 2 for 3 right now which isn't bad. Neither of them look anywhere near as polished as that though!

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Posted : 27/05/2023 11:00 pm
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Looks great. Really neat/professional. How did you make the surround for the on/off/up/down/menu buttons? The metal cover for the controller board is also really nice. I can't see the lvds wiring though, did you drill through the old laptop screen back to run the wiring from the controller to the display?

Posted : 29/05/2023 4:44 pm
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Thanks.  I really wanted to reuse as much of the old laptop as possible. I wanted to have a sturdy, sleek case that was very portable.  I decided to house the LCD panel in original case, since it was designed for it, including the hinges rather than to go the extra effort to build a case.  I cut a slot in the bottom of the case for video ribbon cable to connect to the panel. The covers for the hinges and switches were cut from the plastic trim keyboard from the laptop.  The ribbon cable passes under the screen to the keyboard on the front.  I thought about shortening the cables, but tucked under cover instead. The keyboard is fastened to the wood base with brass standoffs and screws like the control board on the back of the screen.  BTW, I installed the hard drive and optical drive in inexpensive

IMG 9462
IMG 9461

enclosures and use them with my Mac.

Posted : 01/06/2023 4:30 pm
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Hi.  I liked how the orginal project came out and it is really useful.  However it was too heavy with the wood base.  So I took it apart and built a new base using 1” aluminum tube.  I also moved the key pad from the front to the rear since it’s. not use that much.  What do you think?


IMG 9496
IMG 9501
IMG 9500
Posted : 13/06/2023 10:34 pm