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Brainstorm - rotating two-sided painting for projector

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Hi, I'm brainstorming a design and was wondering if you could have some good ideas to improve the design, or to alter it 🙂
Please let me know if this is not the correct community, new here 🙂

The design: a system that allows to rotate a large painting, so that the painting white backside functions as projector screen

Reason: I have a small home. I would love to keep 1 wall completely white, with 1 large eyecatcher: a large painting made by my sister.
In the evening, when watching tv with my housemates, I would like to simply convert it to a projector screen.

- the painting/projector will be (close to) aspect ratio 16:9
- the framework to rotate/replace the painting should be minimalist/almost invisible (it should not distract from the painting)
- the integrity of the painting is priority, so I'd rather not have to physically take of the painting from the wall everyday.

My current idea - see pictures
1. mount painting canvas and white canvas on either side of a large central panel.
2. This panel can rotate along vertical axis, by being mounted on an axle.
To rotate the painting without hitting the walls, the axle must be put at an angle (first estimate is about a 50-70° angle)
The spring and mounting system for the axle can be hid in the 'cabinet against wall', such that only the axle is visible.

Front view
Side view

- painting health, I don't want to risk the system being mishandled and the painting falling. I believe the system needs to be quite bulky to work consistenlty without risk of failure, therefore I thought of the wall cabinet 🙂
- visibility, maybe other ways would work better?
- I want to make sure the painting is nicely positioned parallel to the wall at all times, and will not rotate or wobble due to vibrations, door slamming, etc.

Any suggestions or alternatives are more than welcome 🙂




One alternative that is REALLY simple is:

get a mounting system for the corners of the painting, which is thick enough so that you can put the white canvas in front.

This means only the white canvas moves, I would need to find a place to store it nearby though.
, not really a DIY project is it 😉


simple front
Posted : 05/05/2024 8:38 pm
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Matt's done some similar "hide your huge TV" jobs but much of what you're looking to acheive does appear on how much "tuck" room you have. You can get "transparent " monitors these days but I doubt they will catch on to the degree where they are affordable.

I'm not the best person to offer advice because I'm cheap and I'd probably mount a standard "bind pull" type of projector screen above the picture - mounted sufficiently far away from the wall that it won't snag your beloved picture (and rightly so!).

A manual pull could still catch the picture so I'd be tempted to put a large sheet of anti-reflective glass in front to protect it from physical damage.

Beyond that, I'll hope the community will jump in here.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 06/05/2024 1:38 pm