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Where can I find wood for a relatively low cost? It seems impossible to find some wood to do a project on that won't end up costing a fortune. If you know please reach out it would help out a lot! Thank you and have a great day!

Posted : 11/06/2022 4:19 am
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I have found that the Facebook Marketplace tends to be full of stuff people either want to get rid of for very cheap or even for free.

Not too long ago I made a really nice shelf out of a table I got for free through Facebook Marketplace. So get creative and look around at 2nd hand markets.

Posted : 20/06/2022 3:50 pm
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This is also very hit-and-miss, but if you’re in the US you may have a ReStore in your area, try them! As far as actual, raw, building materials are concerned, mine tends to have a lot of ceramic tile, but they’re all different.

Like OmniOwl above, I bought something (a cabinet) to strip for parts (mostly birch plywood, some solid wood trim, and obviously hardware). Still saving most of it, it’s nicer than the stuff I can afford otherwise!

I wouldn’t bother with all of the the “use pallet wood” suggestions that are out there, waste of time IMO. Good luck!

Posted : 11/08/2022 7:26 pm
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When doing this work you will need good window replacement Brisbane contractors as well to make sure it is sound proof.

Posted : 14/02/2023 6:43 am