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Refurbishing old to...
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Refurbishing old toshiba laptop

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Hello guys. I'm wondering if it will be worth to refurbish an old Toshiba laptop.

It has a Celeron M350, 2GB of ram. the hdd must be replaced

Is this enought in 2024 to create some king of server or a Little project to have have.

Thank you

Posted : 17/01/2024 1:19 pm
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A little power hungry and not powerful but that's absolutely not a major issue. Run it with a Linux server (DietPI is excellent and easy to use) and you'll be able to make it into a file server, video server, music server, VPN... and so on - ALL at once!

I use some very unexciting ARM machines (think Raspberry Pi) and it powers all of those. It's just great.

DietPi-Software - Lightweight justice for your SBC!

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 18/01/2024 2:42 pm
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That Celeron Toshiba is a trooper but for a general server in 2024 it might struggle. However, it could be a fun learning tool to play with basic server setup.

Posted : 25/03/2024 11:08 am
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I guess it depends on what kind of server they're expecting. I can remember the days when a 486 would serve hundreds of users, logging in an out, inter and extra office email and more. Yup, a lowly 486 and an early version of NT Server, Un*x or Netware.

Most of the work a server performs is I/O (unless we're talking games but Minecraft and some others will run on RPi3). So what's left is the infrastructure. I use 5Ghz wireless lan (because I don't need the security of a fancy smart switch and wired network) but it can easily handle me saving/loading photos and playing an audio book at the same time.

With SSDs the lag time is not that noticeable because the discs don't have to spin up. 

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 29/03/2024 3:15 pm