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Used use LCD Monitor to create virtual fireplace

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Dear DIY Perks,

A big fan since 2012.

Nothing beats the warm cosy fireplace in winter in the house. But not everyone have the space and can afford the heavy duty and expensive gas heater. 

But the electric heater you can find in the market looks fake even though it's more affordable.

Now we can find the HD Fireplace videos in youtube. (like this

Two months ago, a company call Modern flames created a new virtual fireplace. (

It's awesome but cost around 5000 USD and more!!

Could it possible to start a project to reuse the LCD panel from an old TV to create similar fireplace (Stand alone or intert) for much affordable cost?

Best Regards,


Posted : 10/05/2023 4:32 am
DIY Perks
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It's actually really interesting that you've brought this up as I was planning a special 3D LCD based fire to go along with the invisible TV project but didn't have the time to include it. Super cheap to do ($300?) in comparison. I wonder how it would perform as a stand alone video?

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Posted : 10/05/2023 3:25 pm
marcdraco reacted
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Wow, I am so excited you actually reply my email!!!

Yes, I believe this will be an awesome video for everyone. I am also really excited that you actually include a special 3D LCD into this. Is this so called the "Spatial Vision" something like Acer computer show cased


Wow, this even a step up from the state of the art commercial electrical fireplace product!!

Can't wait to see the build and the video!


Posted : 10/05/2023 6:00 pm