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battery system and power management

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hi friends

i started thinking off building a tablet out off my samsung phone's mother board ( the scren is broken , the chassis is slightly bent and everything else is still working )

the important componant are my phone's mother board + the touch screen display and his control board + a power bank +a usb type c hub

my phone and the control board are usb type c and the control board  have a usb c for power and one for display

i wonder if there is a way to keep things united in terms of charching all the components in the same time

i mean charching the phone and the power bank in one ucb c female connector without worrying about one of them being overcharged and ruining the build

the reason i want to explore that solution is , not everytime you wanna charge the power bank then charge the phone and what if the powerbank is disgarged before the phone or the reverse 

its nothing important but omproving the user experience in terms of charging the device

the second answer is if there is a possibility of charging the phone using a hub that splits to power and display port so you can link the phone with the display and charging it in the same time without plugin in and out the hub

and thank you all

and dont mind my english and my poor choose of technical words

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Posted : 06/03/2023 9:01 pm
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just take apart the tablet and install a huge battery. Then you could use the C port with a hub that supports charging, or just use another port for charging if you have two.

Hope I understood your question correctly.

Posted : 09/03/2023 3:19 am
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@tim thank you for your suggestion 

its a phone that i wanna switch to a tablet by linking it to a 15.6 inch screen

your suggestion is great but is it possible to link a bigger battery to a phone motherboard without any issue or fear of overheating or not working right

Posted : 09/03/2023 3:30 pm