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Wireless Remote for PC

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First of all, i don't mean the IR receiver and remote.


The idea is that sometimes, from unknown reasons, my PC just freezes. It's a software issue and I am way too lazy to do a full reinstall and re-config. Normally that wouldn't be an issue, but if I'm not home, I can't reset the PC.

So, naturally, I went looking for some kind of device that can plug into the PC, create a Pass-through for the Front Panel Power and Reset Switches.

That device would be powered by the PC, so that as long as there is power in the PC, it can work.

Also, the device would have a wired/wireless interface that would allow it to be connected to the internet and receive commands from an App on my phone.

If the PC crashes, turns off due to power failure, I can reset/turn on/turn off with just the App. The remote connection software can handle everything else (including windows login) once windows has started.


I found a few things, but honestly, even though I'm not that paranoid, I don't even want the chance for someone to have easy access to my PC, even if it's just to turn it on and off.


There are a few other options I've found on AliExpress and eBay but I actually need valid, tested options. The prices seem to be perfect (under 20).


Other Details:

1. Would prefer some device that doesn't use a PCI slot. There is no reason for it, other than power. This device only needs to close 2 circuits, remotely, so it only needs power for the device itself and the network interface.

2. Good and reliable app is prefered, something that can be used with other stuff as well, rather than a device with it's own app.

3. My general opinion is that Wifi sucks. Ethernet is better. So, cable connection prefered.

4. I could DIY it, if I had any plans, easy access to parts and a full, dumbed down, step by step guide.

5. Pass-through is essential since I still prefer the use of the hardware buttons (case).


That's about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 


Posted : 28/09/2023 1:29 pm
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Looks like you need a custom solution. The cheaper one is Bluetooth so that's pointless. The other one is WiFi and I agree it does seem like overkill to run into a PCi socket although it might be using other signals that I'm not aware of. I guess it could be using the PC's clock for timing purposes and that's not available over the DuPont connectors.

Ethernet already has a "magic packet" that can turn a PC on (this is usually, but not always, disabled in the bios). I had a PC that would constantly switch on as if a ghost was operating it but it was just a lumpy router that was chucking out random packets because it was cheap, Chinese (questionable at best) and if it wasn't a spyware device, it was busted.

Anyway... Those DuPont connectors for the power and reset are just shorted temporarily to activate them so there's no reason why you can't double them up with the existing wires. The output switch will be a MOSFET so it will be in "high impedance" mode (OFF) unless triggered so there's nothing that can really be harmed.

For remote use though, any decent remote software (I used Distant Desktop) should be able to send a wake packet to the ethernet. I've never tried this over wireless as it's a slightly different standard. Hopefully someone who knows about that can jump in.

How to enable and use Wake on LAN (WoL) on Windows 10 | Windows Central

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Posted : 30/09/2023 5:49 pm