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Scrap speakers turn into full serup

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  1. Well so my dad its been for a long time into car audio wich trough te pass of time left a boch full of serval parts, some cheap drivers, some really good ones i have no idea where they came from, full crossovers and amplifiers intended for car audio, but i can use them as well, and im also like a thing collector, i like to save scrap from old electronics, and i think i have all i need to build a really good setup, i just found out about this forum so i will update this post later since i dont have the pictures on my phone, the idea its to use many of the techniques i've seen in DIY perks videos, like the way to make 3d primted enclosures, concrete, and with that make the best audio setup i can do with spare parts and drivers and a really low budget for this kind of project

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Posted : 02/05/2024 5:36 am
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You might find that it's cheaper to use some modern parts, especially the amplifier block. Older car amps use bridges and other tricks to dump a lot of current into the output. Later ones will use MOSFETs but what you're looking for is Class D to get good efficiency.

A switched mode power supply will work for 12V but you might need extra smoothing to kill any leftover noise from the switcher.

Good luck!

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Posted : 02/05/2024 12:09 pm