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Project idea: DIY foot pedal (for computer usage)

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I would love to see a video in your channel on how to build a hotkey USB foot pedal similar to the MSI Liberator GP10 or the Elgato foot pedal

I think the layout of the keys is better in the MSI one, but either way, I would love to see what you would come up with function and design-wise. 

Posted : 08/05/2023 9:55 am
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The electronics of this are relatively simple, the hardware not so much so as it has to withstand a lot of potential abuse. This may be why no one has suggested anything yet. If we can get a pre-made (multi-function) pedal then that's definitely dooable but current 3D FDM printing isn't capable of the sort of strength required. Even with nylon I would imagine. Metal printing is possible (JLC and others do it) but it doesn't come cheap.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 21/05/2024 3:01 pm