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Car monitor dream build

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Hi Matt,

I was wondering if you could make my idea come to life (or at least point me in the right direction)


Basically i have no radio/head unit in my car and i don't want to buy some generic one as they don't really give me what i need. Well at least not in the price range i want anyway. Also the ones that come close like the Chinese android ones are slow and complicated.


Essentially what i'm after is a slim monitor that once installed in my car i can connect my iPhone to it and have it mirror my phone (ideally wireless). It doesn't even need to be touchscreen as long as i can control it via my phones touchscreen and of course id need a way to then connect the audio to my speakers. This way i could have satnav, music, phone calls, internet etc


It really is just using my phone as the head unit. I have Carplay in my other car, but Carplay seems to be some over complicated version of this and its expensive. Surely there's a simpler way? Isn't it just finding a monitor that can display my phones screen?


I believe this will be the future anyway, as who really uses a standard head unit these days?


Love your videos and have been watching for a while now. Maybe this could be one of your builds? I can only dream.....





Posted : 24/03/2023 1:51 am
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Here's another down-vote for those awful Android units from the Far East... my pal had two. What utter nightmares. 

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 24/03/2023 4:22 pm