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request to fix my l...
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request to fix my laptop

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Dear DIY perks, 

I am from India. I saw your videos and i am a huge fan of your work. I have few requests.. first of all let me put forward my problem i have a laptop donated by my relatives. But accidentally it was broken during my use. And the main problem is I can't afford to repair it and the laptop is more than 10 years old so parts are not available here. 
The laptop is emachines e727.
I request you to show your talent on my Laptop.
1. Fix the problem of my laptop.
2. Can you turn it into a gaming laptop.
Kindly guide me Andrew. And please do reply. Thanking you in advance.
Posted : 28/06/2022 6:36 pm
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We would need more information from you - what part is broken on it? Unfortunately there isn't really anything you can do to turn it into a modern gaming laptop. It should run old games fairly well, but it all depends on what specific games you intend to run on it. With the specs of that machine, you should be able to run retro emulation smoothly and be an enjoyable experience

Posted : 03/07/2022 11:36 pm
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Sorry to say that, but just forget about fixing it unless you have important files saved on there. Much cheaper and easier to buy a new used laptop than fix the old one

Posted : 07/09/2022 12:10 pm
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Hello Everyone,

I work in NDIS plan managment and by some mistake i lost my previous dat please help me how to recover.


Posted : 24/08/2023 7:49 am