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Ultimate CoreXY Printer

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Hey Everybody !!

Long Sotry Short, I bought a Anet A8 back in 2019 and I have upgraded the printer as much as only a few pieces are from the original, it prints great, then I found in my local marketplace a damaged Dremel 3D20 Printer and upgraded it that I have same results as my Friends BambuLab X1 Carbon.

Now, I need a new project as I want to keep my mind busy from some things that happened lately, So I thought of engineering the Ultimate 3D printer, better than a 3K USD one, as now the Bill of materials is 378 USD.

I'm a DIY from long time, I have rebuild my printers and fix other multiple times, also, I'm a Sr BI engineer and I created a scrapper to obtain all redit data regarding 3D printer and got what the best design, parts are also collected all the data of how 3D printers print for each form and that helped me design the Best one.

My idea is to create a build log, short videos, manuals and schematics (all for free) hoping Matt could feature the build on his channel, I'll try to upload them once a week here for the process, and the idea is to use only parts that you can buy from Amazon/Ali Express, nothing machined or using expensive tools, no 3d printer required for the build.


the Machine name I called it "yóllotl" which is Heart in Nahuatl, I'm from Mexico I really love Mexican Culture plus it's a significant name for me, I'll create a patent and release it for everyone.

Posted : 29/05/2023 7:22 pm
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Sounds good. I can't afford to 3D print these days since Russia decided to annex Ukraine. Cheers Vlad.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

(Cybertruck avatar is a riff on my inability to deliver my designs in reasonable time so far.)

Posted : 30/05/2023 1:54 pm
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Unfortunately a lot of data isn't on Reddit - a lot of the printer communities are on Discord. The most "ultimate" CoreXY printers I can think of off the top of my head would be VzBot and Hevort, so you might want to look into those

Posted : 09/06/2023 6:12 pm