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Surround Sound repurpose

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I have been looking for a way to repurpose surround sound speakers, these days of Sonos and Alexa etc seems to have left these excellent speakers in the waste, which in todays save the planet world is ridiculous, there are many different shapes sizes and qualities, however surely these could be adapted to new purposes like replacing poor quality ones in speaker housing, replacing broken ones in things like the Apple ipod HiFi dock, or mounting and making ones own housing, or using the sub woofer housing and incorporating these well made housings into a project. Let’s put our minds to it, Diy perks has done this with earphone speakers, laptops, etc the beat goes on, but these surround sound units are wasted in peoples lofts, garages, cupboards, or just dumped! This is a call out to you marvellous technology individuals to combine with the diy enthusiast to build a fantastic system from good gear.

DG New Forest U.K.  

Posted : 16/05/2022 1:59 pm