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Concrete Bluetooth Speaker

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Hi, I love this build but the links on YouTube for the components are out of date.

Does anyone have updated links or a list of components.



Posted : 07/09/2022 7:17 pm
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Yes here is the list for the most important bits. 

(These are all US links)

Dayton Audio ND65-8:

Digital Power Amplifier:

DC/DC Converter:

Adjustable Voltage Regulator:

USB Bluetooth Receiver:

Potentiometer knob Cap:

Potentiometer (better 2023 version):

Li-Ion Lithium Batteries Rechargeable PCB Protected:


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Posted : 21/06/2023 8:42 am
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Dear Diy Team


The Link in the Youtube video for the Schematics didnt work, i want to build with my students this project and i would be very thankfull if you can send me the Schematics of the Circuit and also of the wooden parts.


Thank you in forward.


Best regards



Posted : 18/08/2023 12:36 pm