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[Sticky] Earbuds to Dual-Wireless Stereo Speakers (official topic)

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Earbud to Dual-Wireless Stereo Speakers
-official topic-

The design of most Bluetooth speakers has a limitation; the sound comes from a single point and can’t be spread apart to enjoy the vivid nature of stereo sound. Thankfully this isn’t the 1950s any more and there are solutions, notably in the form of repurposing the electronics found in wireless earbuds to use them to drive two truly wireless and separate stereo speakers that work in tandem for beautiful stereo audio reproduction.
Utilising two very specific speaker drivers, this project dives into core speaker building concepts to ensure that the sound is well balanced and full sounding, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing to boot.
If you want to construct a pair of these great little speakers yourself you may find the additional resource pack useful, which includes full details of the crossover & smoothing circuitry, dimensions, cutouts (CNC files plus an additional square version that's easier to build), and extra info about specific bluetooth receiver boards that work as a stereo pair if you want even better audio quality than what ear buds can provide. You can find it on the members download page (requires Patreon payment of $5 to access): Members Area
Posted : 31/03/2022 3:37 pm
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Any info with soldering to the amp from the Galaxy Buds Plus? They have an extra 2 solder pads when removing the speakers from the buds.


Posted : 23/04/2022 8:51 am
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I was wondering if anyone has a diagram of the wiring from the earbuds onto the board that is clearer to see than re watching the video on slow mode? Even just a picture that shows the wires and a brief description of the wiring would help 

Posted : 08/05/2022 3:27 pm
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For the last several months I have been attempting to build this set of speakers exactly as shown in the video and in the plans that I received from my DIY Perks account on Patreon. However, there are several key elements of this project, shown in the video, that are not mentioned in either the video, the PDF document instructions, or the SVG files. In the downloaded file there is no materials list, equipment list, nor a complete parts list.

The speakers that are "highly recommended" have screw holes to attach them to the finished walnut board, but the speakers don't actually come with screws of any type. What size screw should be used for each of the two types of speakers?

Also, shown in the video, but not clearly explained is the putty used for the "good seal around" each speaker. I have never seen nor come across this putty and have no idea as to how to obtain it. What is this stuff? Where can it be found online?

In the video we are advised to add threaded inserts to the bottom for the feet to be screwed into. Where might one obtain said inserts? Which size? Also, there are the "feet" for the speakers. Which type are used in the video, and where can those be purchased?

When mounting the Amplifier to the MDF there are copper offsets that are used to lift the circuit from the MDF, where might these be purchased? Additionally, a tool is used to screw those copper offsets onto the MDF what is the name of that tool? Any recommendations as to where it can be found online?

Additionally, in the video there is "another bit of MDF" that is used to divide the speaker housing internally. As this bit of MDF contains the amplifier as well as other important components for this project. What are the exact dimensions of that piece of MDF?

Towards the finish of the build, we are shown that the battery pack has been glued to a "bit of wood that can fit onto the back panel". The video then shows that a square has been cut from the back panel. However, not in the video, SVG files, nor the PDF instructions show how this is completed, how is this done?

As a person who is new to DIY and that supported this YouTube channel through Patreon it seems to me that all these matters would be commented on and direction on how to complete this project. All materials that were directly mentioned or were clearly identifiable have been purchased at no small cost, I am greatly disappointed that due to the lack of detail provided I cannot complete it.

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Posted : 29/07/2022 2:29 am