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Webcam Stand for Logitech C270

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Hello everyone,

I started with my 3D printer about 1 month ago and am amazed at what can be done with it.

But since there are some things that you can't find on well-known websites, I started to create my own 3D models right away.

I would like to present my first model here:
It's an extendable stand for a webcam, in this case a Logitech C270.
I didn't want to disassemble it and attach it somewhere, and I wanted to remain mobile with it, but I still didn't want to attach it to the monitor, since these now have thinner frames and therefore usually already cover parts of the picture.

But long story short, here is the finished product.

I also uploaded it to Retractable Webcam Stand Logitech C270 by ManinBlack86 - Thingiverse

What do you think? I welcome feedback.

Greetings Man-in-Black

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Posted : 08/04/2022 11:32 am
DIY Perks
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That looks useful, actually! I always have trouble finding somewhere to prop up my webcam so I'll have to try it out! What did you use to model it?

Posted : 08/04/2022 11:49 am
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I used Tinkercad to model it.

I can also share the project with you if you want to modify it, there you can have all measurements.
Maybe it has to be sanded down to fit better, as it was in my case.

Here is also a picture of it with the camera mounted.

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I'm glad you find it useful and want to try it out.
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Posted : 08/04/2022 12:09 pm
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@diyperks I think you should use one or multiple monitor arm(s) to mount all your monitors. It works really well with your new work because it needs somewhere to attach to and the speaker/shelf is perfect as a base. You can use your camera as a webcam, just plug it in via USB and find the app from the official website. Widen the hole on the end of a cheap arm extension and attach a 1/4 screw to mount the camera or a 3/4 screw if you want a gimbal and quick release plate.

(Love your contents, fan from China)

Posted : 08/04/2022 1:25 pm
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@man-in-black Which 3D printer do you own? I'm looking to buy one one day and so far I'm leaning towards the Ender 3D printer. What are some pros and cons? Also any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 09/04/2022 6:49 am
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@milah I'm using the Ender 3 v2 and by now the only downside is the noice level.

I've added the CRTouch for automatic bed leveling and the results are great.

If you have any further questions I hope I can help you with your decision, but as I'm fairly new to 3D printing (1 month) maybe I cannot answer every of your questions 🙂

Posted : 09/04/2022 8:21 am