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Model cars Elevator parking

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Hi Matt I am Dhanush from India I am the biggest fan of you i love you more than hacksmith yea so I reacently bought around 40 1:18 model cars and I cant organise them so I am requesting you to make me a elevator parking system  like you take you car and you go into something and that lifts up and take you to empty spot and pushes your car into the spot right so I want the same but each spot should be personalized for that car and again I request you to buy all the stiker and mini tool and decorate and when it comes down it must push the car into a rc truck and the entire thing will be one a desk so after it take the car the truck must get down the desk by a spiral and come a a certain place and I have a video how the truck looks it a 1:64 model but I want you to make it 1:18 and rc and then it must also pull from the truck sir and  I need to have the spots on my phone it cant detect the car right so when the car goes in the elevator I will manually select the spot and give me the chance to rename the spots name in the and one more thing I want you to deliver me this sir about every thing else I can talk to you sir and this is my India number so video call sir 7337322114 Please don't let me down and I will be glad if you make a video sir thank you

Posted : 10/05/2023 6:15 am