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Upgrading old Apple...
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Upgrading old Apple Cinema displays

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I have two 30 inch Apple cinema displays with fading backlights. They have 16 CCFL tubes that seem to have black spots and are turning yellow. Looking at the panel data sheet, the inverter boards take about 100 watts to run, the other components take about 20-30 watts to run. Since these are super old monitors I want to modify them to be brighter and potentially reduce the power consumption so that I could build the power supply into the housing. 

I have 10 monster Bridgelux LED strips that pretty much fit the display width perfectly. They have a CRI of 95 and can get incredibly bright. I went out and ordered LED driver boards for a 65 inch TV that I plan to wire 5 strips to for each monitor. Checking the panels data sheet, the PWM signal from the monitor should be able to control the brightness. 

While testing this configuration outside the monitor I found that running 5 strips directly off a power supply they consume about 90 watts at 23 volts and get way brighter then would ever be sane to put in a monitor, plus generates a ton of heat. Running the strips off the inverter, consume about 6 watts at 24volts seem to get sufficiently bright, and run very cool, but it’s hard to tell if they are bright enough to use in a monitor. I also hooked up a buck converter to the PWM input to simulate dimming up and down and found it to not to get much brighter. 

Before I go ripping apart the monitor does anyone have a good way of sizing LEDs and driver boards? I want to make sure I am sizing an appropriate power supply and all of the components to get a better display quality but not melt the thing down when in use. 

I am also planning on adding some circuitry to build in a USB C charging/inputs instead of DVI and potentially adding a hub and Ethernet to it, so space will be at a premium.

Inverters -

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Posted : 09/04/2022 6:14 pm
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You mentioned that your LED runs brighter on 23v than 24? that is really impossible. could you provide more information on what LED you are planning to use and how much power you are planning to draw?

Posted : 28/04/2022 8:09 am