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Help B140xw03 v0: found touchscreen controler board when screen caractéristic seems not touchscreen :/ but the laptop using it is touchscreen!

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Hi everyone!

I starting my first project to recycling my old laptop in an (if i can! :D) "wifi touchscreen battery included portable monitor", using the screen and the battery of  my old touchscreen laptop (asus S400CA).

I struggle to found a control board compliance with touchscreen ability (best offering usb-c, hdmi, dp connector and more)

For now I just founded hdmi control board and on my search (doesn't seems to be touchscreen!), and speaking with technical service of one provider, they say that my screen model is not a touchscreen screen (as indicated here

But my laptop S400CA using this screen is a touch screen laptop!

Does it's possible ? can I and how found compatible control board with right connection features (usb-c, DP, hdmi..) for this project ? 

I join the pics about laptop version and NS, and sticks back of my screen and laptop.

Thansk a lot for your help! 

IMG 20240206 095834
IMG 20240206 095838
IMG 20240206 095849
IMG 20240209 160430
Posted : 09/02/2024 9:22 pm
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update.. I found this touch screen it's a combinaison of the screen B140XW03 and a captative touch screen panel PC0140101 ( but don't found of know to found usb-c control board linking this 2 parts together to make a touch screen! Any ideas ? thanks

Posted : 10/02/2024 4:59 pm