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Project Suggestion - Monster KVM Hub

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@DIY Perks, as you mention in your video, all devices are going to USB-C. With so many people working from home at the moment, having a USB-C input KVM switch would be a great purchase.

My WFH set-up is made up of two HDMI monitors, a hub with 4xUSB outlets for peripherals, and two computers (though I'm wanting to start playing around with my Raspberry PI too).

As USB-C also has the benefit of providing power to the laptops, there is also an opportunity here to ditch more cables.

I've researched for hours to find what I want, but it seems that either I can find something with 2xUSB-C in and only 1xHDMI out, or 2xUSB Type-B inputs with 2xHDMI out, and even then they might not have the right number of outlets for peripherals. This frustrated redditor seems to have found the same issue.

I've not found anything satisfactory around making my own on YouTube, and you could do some really cool stuff with toggle switches, and housing amplifiers/pre-amps in the same case.

Personally what I'd like to see:

  • At least 2x USB-C in (ideally more)
  • At least 2x HDMI out (though if you think using USB-C -> HDMI cables would work better...)
  • Outputs for Keyboard, Mouse, Webcam, and Mic
  • Audio output
  • Charging for multiple devices
  • If you're able to use XH Pin connectors, then switches could be mounted on a panel on the front of the desk or something like that

I hope you like this as an idea...

Posted : 30/08/2022 11:59 am