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Ps5 tablet edition
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Ps5 tablet edition

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Is there an available part list for this build, it peeked my interest and I actually really want to make an attempt at this!!

Posted : 16/01/2024 3:07 pm
thestevenwjones, Sergio5525, Ryoshicali and 1 people reacted
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Yes please!

Posted : 19/01/2024 10:12 am
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I’m interested too can you please post a list of part used please and would u sell the 3Dprinted case

Posted : 19/01/2024 10:43 pm
DavidJackson reacted
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Im interested in it also, looks good and with that oled screen

Posted : 22/01/2024 9:37 am
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i am too very intrigued an love to try an have a go at it, after going through the video several times i think i have found an manage to make a list of all the part used the screen, display controller, the power converter an so on plus the fans heat pipes which were the easiest the hardest to find was the oled controller, now i am not an electrician i would appreciate if anyone could collaborate  on expertise on how to put all together dont wanna risk shorting anything if interested email me please at thanks 

Posted : 24/01/2024 6:26 am
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Hi, could you share the names of the Fans and heat pipes? Been looking all over but couldn't find them.



Posted : 28/02/2024 10:08 am
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looked at the Model Number on them in the video

023.100IU.0002 A02

They are DELL XPS 9700 Fans



Posted : 28/02/2024 10:27 am
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@gdulli101 was up bruh. I just caught this video about a ps5 tablet and noticed the forum hasn't really taken off. Has anyone got back to you about a part list? That would really help. Let me know if you hear back from anyone about the list, searching the YouTube video minute by minute for the parts by zooming in on every screen drop hasn't given me great success:(

Posted : 15/04/2024 2:48 am
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@juanhjay Probably better to remove your email address from that post. I'm a bit late to the party as I'm not involved in this project but that's a great way to get an inbox full of spam.

Take everything I say with a pinch of salt, I might be wrong!

Posted : 16/06/2024 10:00 pm
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This project is so cool! Can you open source the list of modified parts? I can't wait to modify my PS5. Looking forward to your reply!

Posted : 22/06/2024 2:41 pm